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Access International College provides you with the best services


The International Students Service Center (ISSC) is like a big family. They aim to cater to every student's needs, providing the following services:


Pick-up Service:

The center will pick-up students at the airport when they arrive in Calgary.


Accommodation Arrangement Service:

The centralized management system facilitates student learning at the college by providing excellent student residences and food services through location and arrangement of the best home stay families to receive our students for their room and board needs during this period of studies at the college. It will communicate with parents on a timely basis and always ensure the student’s living environment is safe and clean and the life style healthy


New Students Orientation:

The college will provide guide services to new students to help them get familiar with course plans, surrounding environments, banking, shopping, insurance and other services and facilities that they may require.


Outdoor Activities:

The college will organize various outdoor and extracurricular activities to help students understand and experience Canadian culture and increase their sense of multiculturalism.


Study Plan Counseling:

After students arrive at the College, the ISSC will introduce teachers and counselors to them. They will help to introduce the facilities of the academy, and the overall plans of the selected courses. Then the adviser will arrange English placement tests for the students so as to select appropriate courses for them.


Advise and counseling on higher education and career development:

At Access International College, an experience student advisor helps students customizing their personal education plan and tailor it to their individual development needs. The advisor will also provide professional counseling services when students have difficulties in career development and help in the selection of major and higher education institutions.


Career Service and Independent Immigration Application Guidance:

Access International College provides some career training workshops to help students to find jobs and to guide them in how to submit applications for independent immigration.



Other services provided:

Travel arrangement -Student visa extension -University application

A Private School Licensed by Alberta Education with School Code #1271

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