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Why Study at Access International College?


  • A modernized school management and an integrated international educational concept.

  • Explicit school running strategies and strict teaching quality monitoring systems.

  • Successful student experiences and excellent school conditions.

  • Superior experienced teachers in every subject who hold Provincial Teaching Certificates.

  • We value the overall development of students’ intelligence, academic knowledge and well-being.

  • We focus on cultivating students’ spirit of scientific inquiry and the habit of critical thinking to prepare them for the growing international and global community.

  • Designing a one-year education plan for each individual student effectively improved the success rate of Visa applications.

  • The subjects we provide at our College department are diverse, practical and applicable.

  • We value the concept of life-long learning and offer various kinds of continuing education programs.

  • The High School department of Access International College offers top quality high school courses, which are the best way to enter your desired university in the shortest time.

  • They provided high school credit courses are recognized by the Alberta Ministry of Education and the credits issued by them are internationally acknowledged.

  • The College will help students apply to their ideal university in Canada or the U.S.A that suits their academic achievements and needs.We have established long-term relationships with many well-known universities. Students can directly transfer to study there after graduation from Access International College. 

       The College works with several agencies specializing            in the location of good families that are willing and                 capable of providing “home stay programs” for our                   students. Through this program, our students are not             only well taken care of in their room and board but will            have plenty opportunities to experience the true                      Canadian culture and customs while learning English at          the same time.

A Private School Licensed by 

Alberta Education with school code #1271

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